Wyoming Heritage calls you this Winter!

As the Nilgiris beckon each and every soul, that has felt its overpowering charm, again and again, there was once an Australian gentleman named Mr Wyoming who came back to the slopes of these blue mountains and decided to stay there forever.

About 120 years ago, Ooty was the perfect oil painting one craved for - the lush green slopes, cradled clouds and lovely colonial bungalows overlooking the hills. Now the bungalows are hidden by large overpowering star rated hotels, spoiling much of the colonial charm. However, some remain, standing the test of time after being converted to heritage hotels offering bed, breakfast and sometimes a fireplace. Such is Wyoming Heritage (less the fireplace), a lovely yellow bricked piece of history.

As you enter the gate, you are greeted by the sweetest family of three - Rohit, Anisa and Eugene. The garden greets you with the best possible view of Ooty. The wooden dining/living area overlooks the hills and the heavenly garden overlooking Ooty town and the hills.

The rooms are tastefully done with simple white and pastel colours and minimal furniture. The Deluxe rooms overlook the hills and garden, while the standard rooms open to the dining area. 

Food is simple, homely and extremely decently priced ranging from North Indian to South Indian. Since the entire property is managed by a family of 3, you feel at home, every moment of your stay.

The Garden is a nature lover’s paradise. With endless views of the hills and clouds it houses innumerable flowers, each with its own colours and charm. One can sit in the garden for endless hours just doing nothing, breathing fresh air and listening to birds singing. Well, that was more than enough for me.

Eugene greeted me this Christmas with his gleaming smile and new suit. He wants to greet you for the next. Stay with them, stay with heritage! Visit https://wyoming-heritage-colonial-bungalow.business.site/

Eugene welcomes you!

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