When Holmes visited Ooty

The winding road that takes you uphill doesn't let you steal more than little glimpses of the spectacular beauty below. Once you're up there, apart from the perpetual mist-scented air around you, what you see below is a valley enclosed by hills on all sides.

From what was an exclusive, privately-owned summer mansion during The Raj, Sherlock, more than a century later, still stands in its original architectural splendour as if mocking the concept of age & time. The Victorian elevation, the old-school brick chimneys rising out of every room, all give a glimpse of what London would've looked like in the late 1800s. With the refurbished lawns, the entire ambience to make it what it really is - “Holmesian”.

The expansive mansion has a spacious lobby, reading room & an activity space that leads to 9 spacious rooms (each named after a Holmesian adventure) and 2 dining rooms, one of which has a sunroof to entice you out while you have breakfast.

The rich Victorian mantlepiece's & furniture's are the exact same ones that adorned the mansion a century ago. Close your eyes and you'll probably feel Dr. Watson pacing in front of the fireplace while Mr. Holmes calmly ponders in an armchair.

All the 9 rooms have fireplaces and an atmosphere that's as mysterious as romantic.

The menu at Sherlock boasts of a variety of cuisines at breakfast, lunch & supper. Ask the chef for the day's specials or try a new dish laced with exquisite herbs & spices. Enjoying a nice cup of tea at the lawns overlooking the valley too, is an absolute must-do activity.

The dining room is named after Irene Adler, the notable lady that Mr. Holmes once acknowledged as being “the perfect woman”

At Sherlock, there's so much to do for everyone (or not to do, depending on how you prefer your holidays!).

Lounge around in the mansion that takes you on a journey of Mr. Holmes life through photographs, books & excerpts. Or you could bask in the mellow sun in the lush lawns, take a quiet, calm stroll downhill, explore a tea-estate, go horse-riding, fishing or even an open jeep jungle ride.

The more adventurous types can chose to trek uphill to the tallest point in Tamil Nadu or even ride there on horseback. Sherlock, although isolated from the hustle-bustle, is just a hike away from all the regular tourist destinations in Ooty.

Website: http://www.littlearth.in/sherlock/

Address: Tiger Hill Road, Upper, Thalayathimund, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001

Phone: 0423 224 4000

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