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Glasshouses have an inimitable charm of their own. India has only a few handful of the same. However Primrose Villas is not only about a glasshouse. Its about its one of a kind location, the superlative service, the charming decor, blissful solitude and of course its magnificent glass villas.

Perched 5000 metres high on the gentle slopes on the Western Ghats in the coffee land of Chikmagalur, Karnataka, Primrose is a collection of five glasshouse villas, each separated from the other by hills and trees thus providing utmost privacy. Each of the villas have a private lawn opening to the unending Bababudan Giri hills, Jacobean and Victorian furniture, Kashmiri rugs, handwritten welcome letters with a period touch which has been achieved by staining it with coffee, personalised coffee soaps, magnificent chandeliers, huge almirahs, spacious bathtubs overlooking the hills, fireplaces, extremely well trained staff and not to mention, even television sets.

Painstakingly developed and managed by Ravi Ramu and his family(which includes three lovely doggos), the villas are a part of a working 125 year old coffee estate measuring 700 acres. With no external architects involved, it took four years for Ravi and Sumitra Ramu to open Primrose(named after their address in Bangalore) in 2014. Guests are invited for a coffee tour during the harvest season and an estate walk anytime of the day which is functional throughout the year. 

Be sure to wake up to dazzling views of the hills, green meadows, cobalt blue skies,white clouds and the calls of innumerable birds as they welcome the dawn. Else be sure to be enveloped by clouds right in your bed during the magical monsoons. Laze around in your lawn with a book and freshly brewed cup of arabica coffee right from the estate. If you want to leave the place (which seems unlikely) give the majestic temples of Belur and Halebidu a visit which are just a 40 min drive away.

The reception and dining area given its impressive height makes one feel like dining amidst the clouds. The same is stocked with numerous antiques which the family have collected over the years along with a puja and meditation platform. To match up to it is a magnificent terrace with views to cherish forever.

Food is extremely customised and person specific. Be it Chinese, local Malnad, Italian or Indian, meals are served by the ever attentive staff at the dining hall, your villa, your private lawn, beside the estate waterfall or even under any tree or place you take a liking for. Moreover, there are no fixed meals timings to abide to.

As you wake up seeing the mist gently lift from these majestic mountains and head straight into your room, you realise, some moments are forever. Primrose lives up to it and is sure to dazzle you again when you return.


Address: Baganeheddal Estate, Kaimara, Karnataka 577101

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