The Iconic Living- KHUSHBOO MADAAN

  • Name of Project: THE ICONIC LIVING

  • Location: NEW DELHI

  • Area: 10000 sqft

  • Principal Designer: KHUSHBOO MADAAN

  • Start Datr: 2019

  • Completion Date: 2020

Client brief :

The client is a young and dynamic person. The requirements are not limited to a single person or a married couple, instead is for a joint family of six. All of these people have different ways of living their lives. Completely different from one another, these people wanted their room to be designed differently according to their personal preference. The client demanded something unique and pleasing to their eyes. They demanded for a subtle colour tone that would be the apple of the eyes.

Concept Note :

The design concept is a mix of modern living with Victorian essence. We have designed the interiors taking care of the client's needs and preferences. The colour code and the design pattern is solely concentrated to add some zest to the entire apartment. One would get to see and feel the grandeur inside as soon the person enters. Overall, the apartment is lavish with a mix of Victorian touch in all forms and textures to add spunk to the interior for this enthusiastic family.

Design process :

To begin with, came the garage and the bar. The garage is located just opposite to the bar. The bar consists of shelves on top of one another and warm lights dropping exactly above the area making the area glow in reflection. An open ceiling design adorned by beautiful chandeliers is placed above the bar counter. The bar counter is the star of the show. Placed in the middle of the bar and having bar stools around the table, the bar counter could generously fit in three to four people. The bar counter is white in colour and grabs the eyes of the people. The stools are turquoise blue in colour with legs and arms of golden. Just next to the bar counter is the pool table to add more fun elements to the space. On its right was a small table with four sofas around it. The chandelier surely showered subtle light below. The light there just fits in to rejuvenate your mood and makes you feel the vibe of the place. Then to it’s opposite is the garage with posh cars parked in. The floor of the garage is black in colour which minimises and balances the bright light in the bar. It has open ceiling which goes with the entire room as according. There are tube lights hanging from the ceiling for bright light. There’s the same chandelier that hangs there just above the sitting area.

Moving on to the next that is the hall area. The hall is just what the client desires of. There’s monopoly of the colour beige. From the ceiling to the walls and to the floor, you roll your eyes just the see the same colour all over the hall area. From the furniture to the false ceiling design to the design on the walls are truly of Victorian influence. There’s detailing all over in golden colour and the most of the most intrigued design stands out and shines. The lights used are spot light that makes sure that you receive the proper amount of light , not too much neither too less. There’s a huge chandelier that hangs in the centre of the ceiling which is in golden and beige in colour which showers down ample of light in the area. The curtains hung are a combination of peachy pink and white which is colour cordial. The walls have mirrors hung, just like they had it in the Victorian era with gold details to complement. There’s this set of sofa in the colour of gold and beige with a centre table in the colour black and gold. There are two sets of sofa with ample of space. Just opponent is the piano in brown colour. Beside it there’s a low seating sofa with a table placed just beside it.

The most important part of a house is it’s bedroom. Discussing about the bedroom, the authenticity is maintained and colour coordinated is maroon with gold. The floor is and the ceiling both are of the colour grey. The ceiling has a detailing of golden to it whereas the floor has the combination of two shades of grey. The walls are of maroon colour with golden details on it. The details are of flowers and twigs winded together. A white chandelier hangs from the ceiling just in the centre of the bed falls the light. There’s a carpet on the floor that is of the maroon colour as to break down the monotonous grey colour on the floor. On the both side of the bed is bedside table that’s exactly of the same colour of the bed with lamp shades placed over them. To the right hand side is the single seating sofa for relaxing or stuff like that. Next to it is the study table with chairs again of maroon colour. Behind the headboard maroon colour curtains are hung flaunting the scenery underneath it.

The house is a luxurious four bhk house designed for comfort and royalty. The inmates take pride in iconic living as it not only satisfies their eyes but also is efficient and doey in every way whatsoever.



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