The Glenburn Penthouse, Kolkata

Kolkata has gained a dazzling new boutique hotel in the form of the Glenburn Penthouse, the sister property of the much famed Glenburn Tea Estate ( also covered in The Design Destinations) shrouded by the mist of the Eastern Himalayas in Darjeeling.

This eight suite penthouse situated atop a modern office building has been transformed into a period fantasy by the masterminds, interior designer Bronwyn Latif and owner Husna Tara Prakash. 

Husna Tara Prakash.

Bronwyn Latif

Placed just off the iconic Park Street and boasting of sweeping views of the Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, the Glenburn Penthouse is all set to be Calcutta’s jewel and a place of stunning beauty.

All the eight suites are painted in jewel like colours with delicately carved four poster beds alongside velvet covered couches and glass covered furniture. The windows with wide shutters overlook the cityscape. Some have lovely terraces too. The rooms draw inspiration from Lutyens bungalows, 18th century orientalism and art decor.

A central room serves as a lounge and dining room. The walls,adorned with hand painted wallpapers showcase Mughal and Rajput inspirations. Bergere chairs with tiger skin velvets, sofas handmade by Oliver Musker paint a dazzling scene with silver parrots decorating glass tables.The rooms are lightly sprinkled with marble desks with inlays of precious stones from Jaipur. The washroom features a hand painted glass basin adorned with oriental peacocks.

They serve high tea (costing INR 2500 per head) on a canopied terrace with brilliant views of the cityscape and Maidan. 

It also houses a marble lined pool from where one can enjoy golden and pink sunsets. There's also a library with walls painted with the brightest pink.

The Glenburn Penthouse is truly a triumph of art and Husna Tara Prakash’s love for her City Of Joy. It encompasses the city's rich heritage and also paves its way for a brightly painted future.


Address: Kanak Towers, 7A, Russel St, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071

Phone: 033 4604 5267

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