The Designing Art-Taxi/Rickshaw 

When we talk about designing, it is not always restricted to your house,office or any other commercial area, rather it can be any area. For a populous city like Mumbai and Kolkata, a taxi always comes at rescue. The iconic taxi that run on the streets are either yellow in case of Kolkata or a combination of yellow and black in Mumbai. Delhi rickshaws are also getting a makeover and are leaving behind their monotonous look of green and yellow. These most convenient modes of transport, however, do not get their fair share of thought when it comes to design, but now, for a change, things are being taken seriously.


Sanket Avlani, Mahak Malik, Nathalie Gordon and Girish Narayandas, who work out of London and Mumbai, started connecting designers to taxi-owners in a bid to give these taxis a design makeover by turning taxi seats into canvases.


Bapi Green Taxi – the cab driver who took the initiative by installing a grass-bed on the roof of his cab and painted his taxi to spread awareness about pollution. He has done so by drawing cartoons all over his taxi. The various cartoons in the cartoon taxi can be seen depicting awareness about keeping our surroundings clean, proper waste management and conserving our heritage. The way the taxi is designed conveys the meaning to the travellers and people who look at it.


If Mumbai is synonymous with black-and-yellow taxis, then Delhi has its ubiquitous auto-rickshaws in local parlance. Like Mumbai, the project involved local designers. The first auto features the Humayun Tomb with beautiful colours infused. The auto was designed by Nasheet Shadani.

In each city be it Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata, with the growing of age, we see people taking initiatives towards environment, culture, art and most importantly design.

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