SurreAlice aka Anushree Bhargava

Anushree Bhargava also known as ‘surreAlice’ (which means surreal artist or surrealist) is a visual artist who plays around with psychedelic art form, surrealism and pop art making it a conscious provoking art form. "I describe myself as everything in between chaos and harmony." Bhargava hailing from Jamshedpur is currently located in Mumbai, India.

  • What made you choose this form of art?

Mystifying and perplexing questions about the world we live in befogged me to choose the kind of artwork I make.

  • Which is your favourite piece of art?

‘Persistence of memory’ by Salvador Dali is one of my favourite artwork till date.

  • Define art in five words.

Art in 5 words for me would be- bafflement, exploration, pain, process and love.

  • What advice would you offer to our readers?

In this digital world, everyone is loaded with advice, sources to get motivated or inspired, opinions, knowledge, content and a lot of other things.

So I would say the world is yours, but only if you know who you really are.

So listen to your gut.

Trust your instincts.

And remember or at least try to remember your dreams.

  • Talk about how you got inspired and from whom.

I found my inspiration from love and pain, the process itself I would say and one artistic and literary movement called ‘Surrealism’ which was initiated by André Breton totally got me exalted and impelled me to explore more about the conscious knowing rules and then moulding them according to use.

  • Your favourite piece of art from your collection.

‘Societal Discourse’ is one of my recent favourite digital artwork now.

It displays the contemporary discourse in the society we live in.

  • Most admired piece of art from the industry.

My personal favourite artwork from the art industry is the ‘swans reflecting elephants’ by Salvador Dali.

  • What skills should one master to help growth in this field?

Emotions over skills. The only skill that can take you to places is the ability to feel deeply. Indeed the technique is important but artists develop their own techniques over a period of time. A regular practice is also a must.

  • What philosophy do you preach and believe in?

I preach on the philosophy of the process. I feel there is no start and end, no definite and abstract, nothing right or wrong. It’s the process we operate in. So, to find new meaning in the nature of everything and nothing is what keeps us alive.

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