Summing up SOUTH GOA

South Goa has always been an offbeat destination. With its quieter beaches, lesser hotels and a greater importance in finding the inner self it has always fascinated me. Living in Mangalore has its own perks and one fine weekend I found myself taking the exotic Konkan Railway route towards Madgaon. As the train chugs into Canacona, you smell a fresh breeze of the sea, a smell of the quaint and charming Goa that once it was.

The LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort Goa is located on the Raj Baga beach in Canacona, Goa. It is surrounded by the Sahyadri mountain range, is located close to the Talpone river and offers breathtaking views of the Arabian sea. The resort has Baroque-Portuguese style architecture and landscaped gardens. It also includes a double-tee 9-hole links golf course. It operates 263 suites and offers over 32,000 square feet of area.

Needless to say it is an all suite hotel with pool facing or sea facing suites to choose from. What struck me was how the wonderful Portuguese architecture was skillfully merged into all the luxuries possible in a five star resort. The suites are plush, yet they deliver quaint nostalgia with their huge airy balconies and high wooden ceilings. The reception is huge to say the least with a beautifully created Baroque architecture and ambience with epic chandeliers, wall paintings and immense stairways all partially open to the air.

One can take a walk around the garden and reach the beach in a few minutes. The Talpone river delta is a minute walk from the beach. Do visit the place for its unique and beautiful confluence of the river and the sea. The pool is beautiful enough to spend an entire day lazing in the waters.

The resort operates five restaurants, namely, Canacona, Corta's, Gazebo, OKO and Veri Feni, which offer various cuisines. Corta’s is truly the true Goa shack with the Lalit luxury added to it. Canacona serves the daily breakfast. Food excels in quality but  stands too pricey considering the quantity.

I always wanted a charming sea side resort with impeccable luxury and service along with a touch of heritage. The Lalit Golf and Spa Resort Goa truly stands up to it. Moreover the quaint lesser known Raj Baga Beach captures a different, peaceful and soul searching side of Goa which is a rare treat for the tired soul.

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