SPR CITY - Ar. Parag Kendrekar

  • Name of the project: SPR CITY

  • Location: CHENNAI

  • Area: 60 acre

  • Completion date: APRIL 2020

  • Initiation date: 2016

Chennai – the ‘Gateway of India’ as it is popularly called, displays a distinctly different culture from any other city in India. Being a cosmopolitan city, the culture of the city reflects its diverse population which has resulted in a unique blend.

In the northern part of Chennai lied an industrial establishment on a large parcel of land. This was erst when Binny Mills compound had become defunct due to closure for couple of years. This plot was opened for development in the year 2015. SPR Group, a prominent developer in Chennai, bagged the deal and proposed a mixed-use residential development, with a large scale wholesale mall.

We were selected for the master planning & residential designing for this development. The evolution started from the basic study of regional architecture that included the traditional as well as the contemporary. A detailed study of Chennai as a whole was taken up, that not only included the built form but also the local social & cultural aspect. This gave us a definite direction toward the aspects to be considered in the design process.

This happened through various mediums and a strong observation of the environs and personal interactions with many people around. The study yielded some basic parameters of the planning and design that could be in response to the local cultural & social behaviour.

We believe that design should resonate with the need of people and the need is expressed through some kind of behavioral patterns. Behaviour arrives out of some special cultural or social traits. Hence, culture has a direct impact on the behaviour and ultimately on the space where it exists. In a reverse manner, if we design the space in a way that will complement the activities within, the outcome will be a perfect symbiosis of that space & human emotion. Essentially that space helps to elevate human emotion to a higher level, thus, becoming a cause for a happy, peaceful & loving life!

This essentially needs a fine craftsmanship to make it happen. We have tried our best to interweave the traditional architecture with a element of courtyard – a space that formed the central space in the house and bound the entire household physically and emotionally. We have introduced a ‘day lighting’ or a ‘sky -lighting’ window in the central part of the house that binds the whole space physically as well as visually. The day light creates an impression of the light entering the house from the roof. Apart from this, the traditional Vaastu Shastra was also considered in planning. A space for conversations which is a very key aspect of the social behaviour was also taken into consideration by creating a space for ‘Thinnai’ near by the house or at common places within the building.

The modern touch to the building was the way the whole planning was to be expressed. The high-rise built form of this planning was inevitable. So the whole process revolved around the aspect of making the ‘plan' construct able for a ‘high rise’. Ultimately, the output was a building which was traditional at heart and completely contemporary at its expressions. The best of both the worlds was being aspired and achieved. The final configuration of the master plan arrived to a configuration of six 36 storied towers, two 45 storied towers, and a high-end iconic 60 storied tower.

Further it was decided ‘aluminium form work’ technology was to be used for this construction to achieve better construction speed and the design was modified to suit the technology. The construction of tower 3 started in 2016. It progressed as per the schedule. As of today, the buildings are at the stage of final completion, and stand tall in an otherwise low-rise cityscape of northern Chennai.

Principal Architect

Parag Kendrekar

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