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Updated: Jun 7, 2018

As the world around us changes to adapt to various global environmental issues, our architectural world is also steering to incorporate more sustainable and eco-friendly ways to up-cycle and preserve nature. We found a brand which claims to have been implementing this popular slogan of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" as their motto for years now!

Catch this interview with Green Territory, a brand tucked away in the bustling city of Mumbai. Their thought behind their products resonate with the saying: ‘There is No Planet B’. Feel socially awakened and conscious as you read through our talk with Meena Mehta, Owner of Green Territory.

  • When and how did the inception of the idea of this brand begin?

The inception of the brand on domestic grounds was in 2017 in Mumbai. We are a partnership firm having out first outlet in Adelaide, Australia, since 2015, that marked the birth of Green Territory. We derived the name from our main slogan for our furniture which is Reduce and Recycle. We want to take a step to conserve our environment by reusing materials (wood and iron) and putting our foot forward to a green surrounding. Thus, from our vision to a become a leading brand promoting sustainable and green living we derived our name – Green Territory.

  • Tell us some of the features that make your brand so appealing to users to buy it and sets you apart from others.

At Green Territory our aim is to make a world a better place by promoting the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle wherever possible without compromising on the cost and quality. Thus, all our furniture pieces have a unique rustic look which gives it eminence as such pieces are one of their kinds. None of our two pieces are the same; we handcraft according to the client or architect’s needs. The look is very different from contemporary furniture enhancing the space quality filled with an antique, natural and rustic theme. Each bit of furniture has its own unique feature setting it apart from the others, making each piece distinctly recognized. For example, we have adjustable tables which are an epitome of versatility allowing their convertibility to be multi-functional as an advantage.

  • Since how many years are you in this field of trade and what have been the ups and downs throughout the journey?

We have been in this field for about 17 years now with our partnership firm, although we started our first green territory brand in Adelaide in 2015 where it has picked up pretty well and second brand here in Mumbai in May 2017. We believe our product line is timeless, something that people just need to believe in. There are positives with our aim to conserve our resources and also negatives with some people simply not believing in the reuse recycle idea. But we take it all in stride as a part of our journey and that has not affected our growth.

  • What is your take on the changing economic scenario in our country right now in the light of your brand?

The current economic scenario is seeing a lot of contemporary and modern kind of sleek minimalist furniture approach which is slightly different from ours. We focus on the use of the material and the versatile ways we can mould it to create a beautiful furniture set sitting in your home or restaurant. We aim to create visually stunning furniture that can create a lasting impact with our reclaimed materials.

  • How has the fierce competition and technological advancements affected you in your trade? How have you handled them?

Our product line of furniture is very different from any competition because of our material and styles. You will not find a firm with our kind of products and that in itself is the USP. Thus, competition is not a factor affecting us but yes mentality is; it is challenging to make our country love a reused product rather than a completely new product. Our finishing is taken utmost care of, by retaining the piece with a rustic and vintage touch. We want the consumers to feel our material and design in its natural form. That also explains why we mainly use wood and cast iron in all of our pieces.

  • What more can we see soon in your product line and in which sector of the industry do you wish to further expand?

As of now we haven’t thought of the same. We already have a vast product line ranging from all kinds of furniture for the hospitality industry like hotels or restaurants to villas and residences. Our styles include industrial, farmhouse, rustic and mid-century. The products include beds, sofa sets with center tables, bookshelves, dinning sets and side tables, we have it all. We also try to make personalized pieces as well to meet the design demand of the client or architect.

  • Where can we see your products in India?

Our only showroom in India is in Mumbai since the past one year. Rest of our clients is all on export basis so we have done less of domestic which we aim to expand further. All our pieces are handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen in Rajasthan and we supply all over the world. In Adelaide we have a wonderful showroom with some of our clients being Jennifer Lopez and also TV shows featuring some of our exquisite pieces. Interior designers associate with our Australian outlet namely Caroline Chocker and Nayree Mackenzie.

  • What advice would you give to youngsters who are aspiring to be in your field or in adopting a similar line in the future?

Take more steps to conserve the environment by implementing our thoughts. Promote recycled goods and furniture, and come up with ways to save natural resources, our earth and go green!

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