Residence In Mumbai- JUI PATIL

  • Name of Project: RESIDENCE IN MUMBAI

  • Location: CHEMBUR, MUMBAI

  • Area: 1200 sqft

  • Principal Architect: JUI PATIL

  • Completion Date: 30th DECEMBER 2016

  • Photo Courtesy: HITESH SHAH

Client's Requirements

“Wow” factor was all that the client wanted for the one who would enter his house. Born and brought up in Mumbai, the client was a very sober person. The main challenge in this compact 3BHK apartment was to minimalize the furniture and save space. The apartment was designed such to restrict the sound of vehicles plying on the highway from entering the house.

Planning & Layout

A hidden liquor storage was added on the door of the kitchen making a change from the existing open kitchen. The client wanted to close the kitchen with a door, so instead of just fixing a door, a complete liquor storage unit was made. Also, the entrance to the master bedroom was changed such that a lavish temple space can be accommodated in the long passage.


Living Room:

The living room has massive panelling running from the dining table corner to the sofa. The dining table is transparent so that it does not visually occupy space. The sofa is white and minimal which accommodates pouffes under them so that it does not occupy space when not in use. The kitchen partition accommodates a pull-out hidden bar.


The kitchen has an artificial waterfall that runs from the ceiling to the wall behind the platform. The entire kitchen is designed on the natural theme.

Master Bedroom and Puja Room :

With some changes in the original layout of the house, a lavish temple space is created in the passage. Ganpati stotra is carved at the end of the passage from the ceiling to the wall. This is the focal point of the passage that is visible from the living room. The master bedroom has a curved false ceiling running from the ceiling to the headboard of the bed.

Guest Bedroom :

The guest bedroom is made in vintage ship theme. It has antiques in display. It has a single sliding bed so that the room does not remain occupied when not in use. The wardrobes towards window are completely mirror finished to make an illusion of bigger space.

The Passage :

The passage was long and narrow with very less natural light. It would remain dark even during the day. A big glass window was made in the common wall between the passage and the guest bedroom so that light would enter during the day. It had roman blinds from inside for privacy. The passage has a big long hidden wardrobe which is finished with panelling material.

Children's Bedroom :

The children's bedroom was to be typical which would be used by two daughters aged two and five respectively. It is designed in mermaid, Aladdin, Cinderella theme. The bed has a Cinderella shoe underneath. The wardrobe is designed in the Aladdin castle theme. The curtains, bedsheet, pillow covers are also selected accordingly. The bathroom is designed in mermaid theme. The ceiling is made in optical fibre which gives a twinkling star effect when lit.

Principal Architect

Jui Patil

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