Neeleshwar Hermitage- Beach Retreat in North Kerala

A pristine blue sky, a deep blue ocean, a grove of innumerable coconut trees and a lot of wellness. That's what “Neeleshwar Hermitage” offers to a tired soul. Run by Chapri Resorts, this wellness retreat has a genre of its own. With utmost attention to tradition and the ancient science of Vastu, all the eighteen cottages are abodes of wellness and peace. Tucked away in the quaint and unexplored village of North Kerala called Nileshwar, this beach retreat is something that many people are yet to know about.

The three categories of cottages are garden view, sea view and sea view with private plunge pool. I stayed at “Shanti”, a sea view cottage with lovely pastel shades, huge glass windows overlooking the ocean, a lovely Krishna statue, loads of natural light, a partially open air washroom with twin basins and to top it all, a Bose ipod docking station with an ipod featuring the Neeleshwar Collection of wellness and therapeutic music that blends beautifully with the theme of the place!

“Neeleshwar Hermitage” is a place to live, to take time and experience a slow pace of travel which is so much in need nowadays. Short stays are discouraged. One is expected to soak in all the benefits this retreat has to offer. One can avail the numerous wellness therapies at their award winning spa, Priya. One can spend hours soaking in the infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

For the adventurous souls, there are nearby villages, forts and forests to explore, most conveniently reached by a bicycle ( which the retreat provides free of cost).

To top it all, Nileshwar Beach, bordering the property looks like a mirage with dreamy clean white sand. A narrow channel of the backwaters flow beside the beach giving the area a magical feel.

The staff treat you like their family. They are extremely helpful and understanding. Two restaurants are on board, “Annapurna”, serving local and world cuisine, and “Meenakshi”,  a beach shack serving fresh catch of the day. If weather permits, breakfast is served by the ocean.

All in all, Neeleshwar is a retreat, not just another beach resort. The ancient art of Vastu, traditional ayurveda therapies make for most of its wellness. Apart from this, the entire property is a non-smoking zone and keeping health concern in mind, they serve a limited number of beer and wine.

If you need a place to dream, relax and sleep, caressed by the warm ocean breeze or under the shade of numerous coconut trees, “Neeleshwar Hermitage” is the place to be, “for the rest of your life” as they call it!

Address: Ozhinhavalappu, Kasaragod District, Near, Nileshwaram, Padnekkad, Kerala 671314 Phone: 0467 228 8876

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