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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

  • Name of the project: N-CUBE RESIDENCE

  • Location: MUMBAI

  • Area (Sq.ft): 1800 sqft.

  • Completion date: July 2018

  • Initiation date: March 2018

Client Brief:

This house was designed for a young couple and their 6 years old daughter. The brief given to us by them was that they wanted a very youthful, vibrant space with a hint of an industrial feel. As the couple very often invites their friends over for parties they wanted flexibility in terms of space management. Having worked with the client in the past on a couple of projects helped us design this home as per the client’s expectation.

Concept Note:

What makes this house unique is that we went with a mixed look for the house, where we gave an industrial look to the common areas, which gives a feel and look of a pub/café and a different identity to the other areas.

Design Approach:

The spacious apartment located on the 45th level, offers a panoramic view of the Mumbai skyline. This apartment is actually a combination of two apartments, each being a separate two bedroom apartment. The entire site adds-up to 1,800 sq. ft. approximately making this a nice expansive space to suit the needs of a young couple, who are both working in the IT industry. The USP of this apartment is the huge balcony attached to the living room with an amazing view, which becomes the main attraction for all the guests.

To achieve the look that the client desired, we have used different materials. Italian marble flooring for the common areas. Other than that, we have used materials such as exposed block board ceiling, chip board TV console, barn door, rivets, sibu sheets with rivet look, corian, glass among others that helps bring out the industrial characteristics in the living room. The customised TV console also has the industrial look with a glass encased TV unit above. The dining table has also been customised to match the TV console and the overall look. A red telephone booth bar unit has been added to break the monotony to create a centre of attraction.

We wanted something very classy and elegant for the mother’s room. Hence, we have gone in for a Neoclassical look for this room with a chesterfield bed and walls trimmed with mouldings and painted with white pearl effect polish plaster.

As far as, their master bedroom was concerned, we wanted a modern room with clean lines, where the concept was ‘Less Is More’. Hence we have gone in for a minimilistic look for their room where we have highlighted one of the walls with a concrete finish and have used a black mirror to clad the wardrobe to reflect the view. A red leather island bed has been placed facing the window for them to enjoy the view.

As both of them are from the IT field and do not really have a 9-5 job they needed an office space to have their teleconferences and work from home culture. As there was a space constrain, we have converted the guest bedroom into an office space with a sofa-cum-bed, which could be used for the guests as well. 3d brick wallpaper and wooden flooring has been used in the office to give a warm and cosy look, which in turn creates a good backdrop for their teleconference with enough bookshelves and storage.

The couple also has a young daughter, who is about six years old. We wanted her to have a lot of space in her room to play around, so we have pushed the bed along the window to create the same. The wardrobe shutters are finished with white back-painted glass with a colourful transfer print. One of the walls is highlighted by different colours and a small blackboard.

The kitchen has been kept very simple and functional. White platform and white cabinets with a colourful back splash. As we had two apartments of two bedrooms each, they had an extra kitchen space, which was converted to a temple.

Overall, our effort was to make the home striking, well coordinated and cosy living space, with balanced lighting, chosen colour palette, selected materials and textures. As it is a home where the family truly bonds together.

Principal Architect,

Girish Chatpar

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