Mascot Beach Resort, Kannur

Easily ignored by an discerning traveller, Kannur is a sleepy coastal dream situated in the untouched landscape of North Kerala. 

In the Middle Ages, Kannur was the important port town, on the Laccadive Sea, called Kolathunadu, which was ruled by the Kolathiris. In the 12th and 13th centuries there was trade with Persia and Arabia.

It served as the British military headquarters on India's west coast until 1887 when it was better known as Cannanore. Steeped in history this town is a strange melange of history embedded in all the luxuries a soon to be metropolis. However, as one takes a stroll through the magnificent St Angelos Fort, built in 1505 by Dom Francisco de Almeida, the first Portuguese Viceroy of India, one surely takes a time travel. With sweeping views of the mighty ocean and the harbour, the fort is a true testimony to the history of the town. Equally appealing is the Arakkal Museum, showcasing the Arakkal family, one of the most influential muslim ruling families of the town. 

Needless to say, Kannur is blessed with beautiful beaches and hanging cliffs. Nestled in such a cliff is a wonderful resort. Mascot Beach Resort is a true example of the fact that you need not be very expensive in order to be unique and beautiful. A budget hotel with all the rooms having sweeping views of the ocean, spacious suites with airy balconies, a lawn hanging on the edge of the cliff and great food and service, Mascot is an amalgamation of all. 

The hotel is strategically placed in a private cliff with no other such hotels nearby. It is isolated, yet 10 minutes from the heart of the city. All rooms have great sea views. However, the highest category, the deluxe rooms can be called as suites and are situated on the first floor having beautiful views of sunset from your room. 

The staff are helpful and homely. The food is simple and homely. They have a fair share of Kerala delicacies along with Chinese and North Indian options. Dinner is served in the lawn with the waves crashing into rocks beneath your feet.

Fairly because of the fact that Kannur is still not much frequented by a tourist, places like these get easily overlooked. However, as you sip a drink or two in your verandah as you watch the sun set on the ocean, you realise you are living a dream moment in one of Kerala’a best hidden gems, Kannur.


Address: Near Baby Beach Burnasseri, Kannur, Kerala 670013

Phone: 0497 270 8445

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