Interior Design as a Career Option

There are many career paths that you can venture into when it comes to designing. As long as you are happy and accomplished, it does not matter what type of designer you are. But if you are planning to proceed with Interior Designing, two things can provide a massive jump start to your design career. You will be expected to have obtained an interior design bachelors degree and be accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) or the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). After that, the world is yours. The next tip is to know the profession inside out and check whether is fits you or not.

  • What is Interior Design?

The art of planning and designing interior space of a building shell is known as interior designing.

A profession that involves artistic, technical and aesthetic skills. It is a study and result of art, science, technology and intuition.

A field appropriate for an individual with sound understanding of space and perspective along with technical know-how and a strong design sensibility.

  • What does an Interior Designer do?

An Interior Designer can explore numerous challenging avenues like the ones listed below, in an individual capacity as well as in collaboration with other design professionals:

  1. Residential Space Designing

  2. Commercial Space Designing

  3. Set Design

  4. Hospitality Design

  5. Display And Exhibit Design

  • Why learn Interior Design?

Interior Designing is becoming an increasingly viable career option for creative individuals who have a flair for spatial design with a strong artistic and aesthetic sensibility.

At the moment, the industry faces an ever increasing need for skilled interior designers that can provide innovative and sustainable design solutions for the users in need. This presents itself as an lucrative opportunity for aspiring designers who wish to establish themselves in the field of interior design and make a living out of it.

  • Now the question arises, is Interior Designing a good career option?

It is definitely a good career option for those who are good at creativity and ideation. You may pursue your career as an interior designer or you may also start your business. But doing a designing course from the best college will be an added advantage. Employment of interior designers is expected to grow 19% from 2008 to 2018, faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for interior design services from the healthcare industry is expected to be high because of an anticipated increase in demand for facilities that will accommodate the aging population.

The basic job of an interior designer is to make optimal utilisation of available space. Further, you have to make the space more functional and in accordance with the taste and budget of the client. Besides visualising and conceptualising the designs for new structures, interior designers also plan the interiors of existing structures that are undergoing renovation or extension. As an interior designer, you will be trained to design exclusive furniture artefacts and fittings besides learning managerial skills. With the help of a course in interior designing, you will come out with a professional designing solution that is efficient, eye-catching and at the same time safe. Career confusion aren't a new thing to us. Nobody has seen the future , but we want to do our best to keep it secured. And why not choose Interior Designing as a course, if you have the vision and determination to change how things look around you? Interior Designing is a very satisfying and rewarding job in itself.

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