Importance of Art in Interior Design.

Art is fast becoming recognised as an essential component of a modern home, with influencers and interior designers singing the praises of gallery walls and the like. If you speak to almost any interior designer about the importance of art in the home, you’ll be met with a resounding, excited flurry about the inspiration it provides, the way it lifts a space, or the joy that comes with sourcing works from around the world. However, this is not the full extent to the intermingling of the art and interiors industries. For home owners, interior and product designers alike, art is paramount, powerful and primary. Homes and interiors brands are also embracing the consumer’s urge to fill their homes with art by working closely with artists and galleries on collaborations, or taking it into their own hands to create branded artworks.

Ever since human beings started carving out their own spaces in the form of caves and then huts which diversified into palaces and forts, interior designing has been in existence. In fact, the very art and science of interior designing was inbuilt in the very process of building. As human beings became more refined, they started to carve out even more complex, grand interiors and thus, arose the need of forming a systematic, defined study of the process of building. This way, the art and science of Interior Design was invented, because human beings wanted even more effective and efficient usage of the available space and wanted to impress his own aesthetic senses.

The urge toward interior design has existed as long as interiors have existed. But the interior design profession is a relatively modern concept. The notion of art designing in a space implies that you can base the design of an entire room on a piece of art, from the colours to the fabrics and finishes you specify. Art and interiors are inextricably linked in complex aesthetic and emotional ways for designers and home owners.

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