How to Design your Home Bar!

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Who would not want to own a home bar and recreate the atmosphere of modern bars and the elegant vibe? If you are one of those looking for ideas to create the perfect home cocktail bar, you've come to the right page! In this article we've put together some unique home bar ideas to help you find inspiration to furnish and customise your room and above all, create a space dedicated to you and your loved ones. In every home irrespective of it's size, there should always be a comfortable lounge area to welcome friends and relatives, to host parties, toasts, celebrations and so on. It is a habit that is becoming increasingly common, that of organising convivial events at home, both among students and for those whom the university is only a distant memory.

No other place, in fact, is more suitable than a home mini bar in the living room to enjoy an aperitif before dinner or a drink in the late evening, without having to go to crowded places and having to deal with the empty wallet at the end of the month. Before you even start drafting, you should know how your bar will be used. Assess your entertaining habits so you will know the things that you need to place in your bar. It would be good if you design it for everyday use even if you will not be using it every day.

The length and shape of your bar depends on the space you have. You can make it straight, L-shaped, curved or round. You may consult the Internet or even can check in magazines. You can also use a cabinet bar which is a stand-alone cabinet with drinks, glasses and bar tools inside it. A standard bar might be apt for you which is a stand-alone counter with a back bar. Or you can opt for a stand-alone back bar which is a back bar with extra counter space for mixing drinks. Just bear in mind the standard dimension for home bars .

Decide on the type of seating you want. The minimum or maximum number of people to be seated completely depends on you. The seating arrangement can be a plain bar stool, one with a back, a high stool design or a fancy stool. Let it complement with the design of your home. Let it match with the furniture you used for the dining area. Or you can actually make it unique as long as it still goes with your home design concept. Make sure that the spaces between each stool are 28 inches to allow comfortable seating and movement.

You would need a space for storing your beers and wine. Have that inside your bars. You can also place wall shelves for your wines. For glass storage you can hang the glasses from the ceiling with the help of ceiling glass holder. If you want to have a refrigerator, you can place one too. Determine your needed storage space so that you can make one that is enough for everything.

Hanging glass racks can add beauty to your home bar. You can add some framed wall pictures and other decorations. Decorate it with accessories like a lighted bar sign if you want. Or you can place anything that would show your personality. You’ll really love it when you have your own home bar. It will certainly give a different brush of joy and excitement inside your humble abode. These days bars are simpler, especially due to the modern minimalist trends. Most of the time, they are incorporated in the kitchen or dining area. But no matter how simple they are, they can still give you the kind of enjoyment you are looking for.

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