House of books: World's Best Libraries!

Enjoying a cozy monsoon evening cuddled in a blanket, with the aroma of your favourite book as you flip through the pages, but you know what is even better? An entire room filled with millions of books and nothing but the smell of them all around you in that serene and quiet atmosphere wouldn’t you feel elated? Yes, that’s why people all over the world find libraries as an enchanting space and here is how you will see some of the best and magnificent libraries built from the start of time to the most modern forms.

1. Boston Public Library in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

An architectural masterpiece created in the year 1895, built by architect Charles McKim was the first building. Made out of pink granite stone, a reflection of the classic proportion system of the Renaissance. The second building a modern addition to the library was done by Philip Johnson which echoes beautiful the essence of Mckims building. Beautiful arrays of light play in angles and curves in different seasons and times. The ornamentation and arches of the classic are somehow reflected subtly by Johnson cleverly in the new sector. Though the exteriors give out a grand enamor the interiors are equally warm and invites the reader. Among the 2.2 million people every year there are many research art and architecture lovers part of this crowd who happily find a quiet corner in this huge premise.

2. Stuttgart City Library in Stuttgart, Germany

Opened in 2011 this modern library has the form of a cube spanning of about 45 meters to mark its grand presence in the site. It creates a striking impact because of the heavy symmetry created with grey concrete with a 9x9 array of frosted bricks on all the facades. Right in the center there is a cube shaped sky-lit room which serves as a sort of meditation room for the visitors. The use of white promotes the ultimate goal to provide peacefulness and serenity to the people who come in search of them to this space.

3. The Queensland State Library

Enormous in size, reaching up to 22,000 sq. meters (old and new facility ), the Queensland State Library is equipped with a lot more amenities. Namely some are its knowledge centre, repositories, auditoriums, conference halls , car park and a lot more inside it. Yet not losing the importance of it being a library, housed with over 1000 rooms for books and about fifty courses and service programs inside it. Such is an example of a highly modernized urban outlook of a library. It entirely becoming a centre and storehouse for all sorts of activities, abundance of knowledge and learning. We ought to have more of these around right?

4. Trinity College Dublin Library in Dublin, Ireland

The old Library of Trinity College is Thomas Burgh’s masterpiece. A huge building, it originally towered over the university and city after its completion. Even today, surrounded by similarly scaled buildings. Originally the library had a high flat ceiling, which was made into timber tunnel vaults. From the gallery rises a series of Corinthian pilasters between a range of upper windows, supporting a broad entablature and cornice; at the bases of the lower range of pilasters are pedestals supporting busts, finely executed in white marble, of the most eminent of the ancient and modern philosophers, poets, orators, and men of learning, including several distinguished members of the university.

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