Heritage Plantation Retreat- GING TEA HOUSE


Some places create a lasting impression on your mind. They have an ability to delve deep into your heart and mind and give you peace whenever the images conjure up later in your life. I still remember the rain washed Himalayan morning standing on a gazebo overlooking the green hills with the clouds climbing up to my feet. I remember the numerous bird songs around me and the inexplicable serenity that surrounded me that morning. 

This is the tale of an age old saga. A tale of one of India’a oldest Tea Gardens or Tea House as they call it here. Built in 1864, The Ging Tea House stands strong and sturdy all these years. With a beautiful Tea House surrounded on all 3 sides by magnificent valley views and a spacious lawn to sip the garden's very own tea; makes one feels like living his/her life here. Trust me, its difficult to leave.

The beautiful and massive living/dining area overlooks the garden and hills outside. With wooden flooring, high ceilings, victorian furniture and beautiful drapes each of the 6 suites are special in their own right. The Blue Lady Suite (where I stayed) has a lovely couch attached to a window looking straight out to the hills. Apart from that the Royal Assam Suite, Spring Suite are big enough to comprise 4 adults whereas The Peony Blush Suite, Empress Teal and Chevron suite are quaint and give more privacy. Each suite is differently themed with colourful hues and spacious bathrooms with green tea toiletries and all the modern amenities one asks for.

Don't miss to join the guide for the tea garden tour. As you walk around the 600 hectare Ging Tea Garden you are introduced to the magical tale of tea, how it came from China to East India and shown the famous two leaves and a bud. This is followed by a visit to the Tea Factory where you are shown the entire process of Tea making followed by a session of tea tasting. The staff are extremely well trained and knowledgeable. They understand all your needs and interests and cater to that. 

Food is simple, homely and extremely delightful for one to drool upon on. From traditional English breakfast to Indian dinner, the well trained staff are ever attentive and make you eat to your heart’s content. Tea is always a call away. As the sun dips below, one can see a magical blue mist cover the entire valley. Stand in the gazebo and feel the mystical air around you while the last light disappears. Later you can enjoy tea leaf pakoras ,a specially arranged barbeque in the lawn, also try your hand at the antique piano with a glass of wine. 

As the morning sun touches its first rays on the house you wake up to the bird calls and walk to the edge of the lawn. As the clouds disappear and the valley removes its veil you feel that strange serenity in that single moment to last a lifetime.

NOTE- Ging Tea House takes booking as a complete package. With transfers to and from the airport/railway station, accommodation, all meals and snacks and all experiences. However you can customise your packages. For more information on various packages visit their website at http://www.gingteahouse.com

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