GOLD DUST - Shami Goregaoker 

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

  • Name of project: GOLD DUST - LUXURY APARTMENT



  • Area: 2000 sqft.

  • Principal Designer: SHAMI GOREGAOKER

  • Completion Date: APRIL 2018

  • Photo Couresty: PRASAHANT BHAT

This 2000 sqft four bedroom stylish apartment is in the posh tower Raheja Ridgewood located at Goregaon in Mumbai. The apartment boasts of lavish rooms with large windows overlooking the clubhouse, four bathrooms and a househelp room with attached toilet. It is named Gold Dust because of the use of gold in furniture, wallpaper, soft furnishings, bathroom tiles and accessories.

Client's Requirements

The clients are a young and dynamic couple with a lively little toddler. Their brief to us for the house was indeed very brief – they only told us their favourite colours and that was it! They said that they wanted their living room to have a bit of turquoise and gold and the Mrs would like a splash of red in the master bedroom.

Planning & Layout

With these ideas in mind, we decided to design the house for an enthusiastic young family by altering the layout slightly. The bedroom adjoining the living room has been converted into a bar and a dining room as suggested by the clients because they didn’t need a fourth bedroom, and the wall between the two has a little opening which enables both areas to remain connected. The original dining area is now a private T.V. room with two comfortable recliners facing a gold designer screen which has a large T.V. behind this screen is their puja room. The child’s bedroom has a single bed with another pull out bed when he needs company. The idea was to let him have more space in the room to run about. The master bedroom, guest bedroom & kitchen remain unchanged.


The design concept is modern with a bit of retro touch to add some zest. You get a feel of the grandeur inside as soon as you set your eyes on the main entrance of the apartment. A backlit onyx marble with the occupant's name greets you as your eyes take you to the interesting main door design with veneer and random gold triangles. As you step inside you see an antique mirror placed against a backdrop of copper texture paint framed within a wall clad with golden spider marble The shoe cabinet below has a top of golden portoro marble with matt gold fluted shutters underneath. The entrance area is lit with a glossy gold finished light which has a modern geometric form. Looking straight ahead you see a lavish living room with turquoise sofa on the right and a huge gold and glass screen on the left in the T.V. area. This screen has been designed to create a visual barrier between the T.V. and the pooja room. The glossy gold sections of the screen have glass strips in brown and taupe. The entire wall from the main entrance right upto the T.V. room has been clad with rich American Walnut QC veneer used in random strip form with a huge mirror panel just before the kitchen door which is cleverly concealed. This veneer, which is also used on the living-dining wall lends the home warmth and richness. Two huge sofas in turquoise suede are complemented with two armchairs placed against the window, upholstered in red and brown retro printed leather and a lounge in subtle textured leather. The back drop of the sofa is a wall-paper printed in matt gold with a shimmery geometric pattern. The sheer curtains are in gold thread with sequins which glitter even in daylight. The side tables and accessories in polished gold look luxurious.

The dining room has a warm hardwood floor and a rich L shaped bar counter with back-lit onyx and a black PU top. The dining table has a matt gold base in a geometric drum shape and the sleek dining chairs in navy blue velvet look attractive. A round crystal and gold chandelier suspended from a round ceiling with matt gold paint adds opulence to the room. Another attractive feature of the dining room is the dining console which has shutters finished in a checkered pattern of gold, silver and ivory.

In keeping with the gold concept, the common bathroom has a mirror placed on glass tiles specifically designed and customized in black and gold.

The master bedroom has the most luxuriant look, almost like a luxury hotel suite. The colour palette is grey, red and high gloss steel, which can be seen in the grey back-painted glass wardrobe with red lines, bed side tables in red PU and the dressing cum TV unit in grey and red drawers. The dressing table has mirror lights which resemble Marquee lights for a glamorous effect. The TV wall is accentuated with silver texture paint and the entire wall is unified by a wide bevelled frame in black PU. A remarkable feature of the room is the black & silver distressed wallpaper forming a contrasting backdrop against the high white leather head board. The master bedroom also houses a walk-in wardrobe with the same theme. The huge windows are covered in a rich grey silk curtain with a delicately patterned black sheer curtain for a dramatic effect.

Orange & blue is the colour palette for the son’s room. It looks lively and energetic with a bright blue bed and study table extending to the wall panel. Shades of orange leather are used for head board with differing heights. This pattern continues onto the overhead storage above the study table. A subtle orange back-painted glass wardrobe with the son’s name stands along one wall. The wall opposite the bed has a wall-paper printed with the world map as the family is fond of travelling and would like their son to learn more about different places. This sky blue colour is repeated in ceiling coves and electrical switches too. The smart curtains with stripes in various shades of blue complement the décor of the room.

The guest bedroom is subtle and mature in shades of gold with veneer. A huge head board in gold velvet panels with mirrors on either side, is framed with dark wood in a matt finish. The wall-paper has a print of teal and gold which is complemented beautifully with teal lines on the glass wardrobe.

The huge kitchen has a simple layout for ease of working. The overhead cabinets are in purple acrylic for a colour pop, whereas the bottom cabinets are silver-grey to complement the Steel Grey Granite counter top. The retro-printed grey tiles for the dado add style to this modern yet simple kitchen.

Overall, the look of this large apartment is lavish with the use of gold in various forms and textures while the theme is modern with a few retro elements to add spunk for this enthusiastic family.

Shami Goregaoker

Design Director, GA design

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