Finding Paradise in Gokarna

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Kahaani Paradise is difficult to explain. It's huge but strangely cosy, its lavish but extremely discreet. Its one of those places which can surely mesmerise you with its epic grandeur and at once recognisable earthy tone.

Kahaani would be beautiful anywhere in the world, yet its a fairly land in Gokarna situated where the Western Ghats meet the Arabian Sea. Nestled amidst 24 acres of forest and plantations the property was bought by a discreet British family who built 6 suites for each of its 6 members. Completed and opened as a hotel as recent as 2017 each of the six suites are epic in their own way.

The open lobby is the centre of attraction with the numerous antique furnishings and sculptures. It grips you with its view and a hanging infinity pool overlooking nothing but the hills and the Arabian Sea at a distance. The Queen Suite with its epic red velvet theme, priceless artefacts and unending view is above the lobby. The Green and Blue suites reflect greenery and the sea. The green and blue marble washrooms are masterpieces in themselves. The Elephant and Peacock Suite are generously gifted with antiques, Moroccan Style lamps, Hindu temple carvings and huge terraces overlooking the sea and the hills. The Palace Suite much discreet from the others sits below the dining area. Its ornate mirrors, doors and arches making it the pride of the property.

At once Kahaani Paradise is a example of culture shock. With Burmese teak floorings, epic Rajasthani jharokhas and doors, Hindu styled temple carvings in your washrooms, Pagoda styled roofs and Moroccan styled lanterns one might suddenly find a traditional Kerala styled window. The vision of such a marvellous piece of art, curated by the family has been given shape by Delhi based designer, Saloni Sharma who has sourced the textiles and furnishings in the villa.

Since Kahaani is a home and not a hotel, one surely does feel at home. The open air dining area with two majestic sculpted horses serves delicious Indian and International cuisine by the in house Chef. The staff are ever ready to look after all your needs. There is an open spa overlooking the hills and the sea.They can arrange sightseeing around Gokarna and even take you out on a boat ride to all the beaches. In the evening walk to the highest point in the property and catch a magnificent sunset on the horizon as you stand above Paradise beach, which is just a 5 minute walk downhill.

I woke up to a misty and fragrant dawn with numerous birdsongs and played a morning raga in the “Bose” bluetooth speakers which comes with each of the rooms. They change the room aroma twice a day and you can choose from an amazing set of scented oils. They even give high speed Jio dongles in your room. Amidst all the luxury try not to overlook the magnificent nature all around. With hawks flying in front of your terrace or kingfishers peeking into your room there’s nature all around.

With its impeccable location and outstanding decor, Kahaani Paradise might be one of the most beautiful, lavish and cosy homes ever built in India.


Address: Kahani Paradise Estate, Gokarn, Belekan, Karnataka 581326

Phone: 093432 81815

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