The viral outbreak of Covid-19 has brought the world to a standstill and forced everyone to remain indoors. In these trying times Maison Du Luxe, understand the severity of the situation and urge everyone to take the necessary precautions. By practising simple techniques like social distancing and self quarantine one can contribute in controlling the further outspread of the virus. The current situation has rendered ‘WORK FROM HOME’ a necessity. With all of the private sector practising it, there is no room for an alternative. But that doesn’t mean the entire process has to be dull and monotonous. Maison Du Luxe can provide the much needed edge to this experience with their bespoke and exquisite products. Tantalise your mind with their range of furniture that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functionally viable too.


A statement piece that alleviates the comprehensive vibe of an expanse, this console and chair merges the imperial and utility facet splendidly. Being a delightfully versatile entity it is the perfect ‘work from home’ companion.

Built with enamor in ‘Statuario’ marble it is crafted with perfection and boasts of being one of the most precious varieties found in Italy. It has a distinctive veining that ranges from gold to grey. While designing this unique piece of art, the methodology has been kept minimal and special focus has been rendered to the geometric alignment of the console. Deriving inspiration from Atlas, the Greek god who bears the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, the console is an inverted version of it. The chair is bestowed with a metal finish called bronzo chiaro which adds to the elegance of the whole set up. Some crucial factors like solid back support and durability of both the chair and the console have been carefully contemplated and assimilated. A simplistic yet contemporary console, it personifies exuberance and alleviates the overall aura of the space. Embodying extreme comfort, supreme ergonomics and the zenith of appearance, Atlas is a brilliantly crafted console combined with a chair which raises the bar very high in terms of versatility and sophistication.


The round coffee table is easy to walk around and is made to withstand the outdoor weather. Working in the comfort of your balcony , this mid-century modern table lends a warm, natural element to the expanse, and lasts for years to come. Made of wood with onyx height and suitable for just about any sized exterior space, this round coffee table instantly adds the “wow” factor.


To further alleviate the ‘work from home’ experience, Maison Du Luxe has refurbished a ‘Holder’. While working at home, it's natural to feel underwhelmed. But with this special entity that is adept to hold plants, one can get their regular dose of beauty and freshness. They are generally meant for outdoors, come in a regular size, and can instantly alleviate the vibe of the expanse. Made of a strong metal top, it has a wooden base shaped of four cylindrical pipes which provides support to the vessel. Aesthetically pleasing, it renders a distinctive appeal to the expanse. Minimalistic in demeanour, it is perfect for Decks, Patios, Front Porches and Balconies.

Vogue || Long Back Armchair

This armchair is a flawless entity especially for the creatively inclined set of people. Not only does it soothes the mind, its supreme comfort relaxes the body and eases the flow of ideas. Apart from its requisite usage as a seating medium, the utility of a chair has transcended to several other aspects of interior design. The Vogue displays all the features of a quintessential luxury long back chair crafted for a rich and regal appeal. The slightly curved armrest, the round soft integrated cushion seat and backrest gives an admiring, charming look to the chair as well to that place. The chair has padding all over and is designed in a structured way so that your mind and body both relaxes, giving a wholesome experience and your entire body receives comfort. The vibrant red colour further accentuates and elevates the beauty of the room it is kept in as it acts as a focal point and represents authority. Made with premium quality velvet and wood, the sheer brilliance of this chair is awe-inspiring.

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