Emily Lodge and Cafe Nainital

I can go on praising some places. Emily Lodge isn't just another heritage hotel. Its a home for the tired soul looking for refuge in the lush green slopes of Nainital. My dream trip to the hill city of lakes was somewhat different from what I expected it to be. Nainital has a soul which has never changed in the years gone by even with its overcrowded streets and mall. The charming lake protected by the Himalayas on all sides, the simple people, the simple food and the quaint chanting from Naini Devi Temple. Nainital is a painted canvas of a perfect Himalayan town, bustling with the present yet retaining its colonial charm.

Practically hidden behind lush greenery and a brilliant canopy of flowers is one of the cutest houses you shall ever come across. A sunny porch, a cosy lawn and a lovely verandah greets you as you enter this historic bungalow. Emily Lodge as it has been aptly named is the name of Corbett’s physician who lived in this very house while Mr Corbett kept travelling around the Himalayas, mostly living in Mukhteshwar (a few hours away). Emily is not be there anymore. However you shall find the Purohits who shall care for you like your own family (if not more). Manish Purohit and his wife Nupur Purohit has brilliantly restored this wonderful piece of history and you can't praise them enough.

From perfect art decor, sleek yet aristocratic rooms, perfect home made food and a charming new cafe hosting music concerts, they have kept no stones unturned. They treat you like their own family, chatting, smiling and taking care of your every need. They are passionate about their work and love the house from the bottom of their heart. The house dates back to 1864 and is about a half an hour walk uphill from the hustle and bustle of the lake and the mall.

It is not meant for the tourists who prefer to see the lake from their room. But those who stay here can see other things. A moist pine forest with the mist gliding past your window, a lovely flower garden and the songs of a million bird are no less than a charming lake. However the famed Dorothy's Seat is nearby and the family can (with a notice of course) arrange a lovely picnic for you while you are up there enjoying the panoramic view.

The rooms are all different in design and theme. Each one is special in its own way. However choose the one facing the garden. The staff are ever smiling and ever helpful. They feed you till you are truly overfed. If you are looking for a wonderful Himalayan stay, a wonderful couple hosting you during your stay and delicious food with a touch of heritage. Look no further. Emily Lodge satisfies all.

Website: https://emilylodgenainital.com

Address: Ayarpatta, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002

Phone: 088005 07181

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