CHHEDA HOUSE - Designer Sameer Kulkarni

  • Name of the project: CHHEDA HOUSE

  • Location: MUMBAI

  • Area (Sq.ft): 2000 sqft

  • Completion date: September 2019

  • Initiation date: JUNE 2019

Client Brief:

Not every time you get lucky with clients. Looking at SKD projects, this client showed full trust, which gave us food for thoughts. The basic brief was to make the interiors look modern and not the typical marwari/ gujarati theme.

Concept Note:

To come up with a concept, I first understand my clients thought process and liking. A concept is then created mutually as the space is theirs and they are going to live in there forever. For this particular space the whole look is a bit muted with modern elements like rose gold, customised dining light fixture (yet to be designed), charcoal portraits on the walls etc.

Design Process:

Design process begins at your first site visit. This house is amazing because every bedroom has an attached deck, which is as big as the bedroom.

We had to split the furniture in both the areas by covering the deck with sliding folding glass and keeping the wardrobes and study area out there. We have given a vertical garden with a modern waterfall in the master bedroom's deck area, which can be enjoyed while one is seated on bed. The entire house has a beautiful tobacco grey marble with hints of rose gold inlays to break the monotony and give richness in modern manner. We are creating an amazing blend of lights and shadows, which is the main aspect of design. The ceiling light fixtures are rimless so the dents created in the ceiling look very stylish and the bulbs don’t hit your eyes. Art plays a major role in all our projects. In this case, we would have an artist who would be doing charcoal works straight on the walls. Bathrooms are big enough to incorporate some bold tile patterns with muted tiles as a base.

We are lucky to put up an artwork in the master bathroom. So basically it’s going to be a super looking, spacious and all the needs fulfilled house. We thank our client in helping us achieve the best for them!

Principal Designer

Sameer Kulkarni

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