Automation makes living luxurious.

A thoughtful interior design is about style as well as functionality. Most homeowners have the desire to live in a gorgeous space that also is relaxing and that feels like home to them. Automation is system of operating devices highly automatic means, as by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum. Basically a mechanical device, operated electronically, that functions automatically without continuous input from an user. The next level of hidden technology beyond simply hiding the wires is hiding the entire television. There are many factors that impact functionality and your personal comfort level in the home, and being able to control these different factors further enhances your comfort and convenience. With this in mind, it makes sense to consider incorporating home automation into interior design as well.


Lighting access through mobile apps. Possibility for long distance control from the four corners of the room. LED fixtures and digital timers create more comfort, illumination, and efficiency, be it around room ceiling or any other part of the room.


You can add visual effect and music entertainment systems that have automated control with both stereo and video functionalities. Some systems may be mounted behind the room mirror for a seamless effect or mounted on an empty wall space.


Program devices to turn on automatically at certain times, or access their settings remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection. Automation comes in power when you are sitting in some other place and not your home and you can figure out who is there outside your house. When you don’t have to remember to lock the door behind you or switch off the lights, you can turn your attention to more important things.


Wireless music player that works with your vocal commands and also via your laptop or mobile phone. There's no absolute hassle of every time going and turning on the speaker of even switching it off.


Automation provides you with dimmers for your room lighting. While you sit in a corner of a room it's not always convenient to reach out to the dimmer always. With theses hi-tech installations you get everything on your phone. Control the dimming of the living room chandelier or the profile lights of your room.


A heated bathroom floor creates a luxurious feeling. Latest heating systems for bathroom floors are efficient to keep your energy expenses under control while still offering warmth.


Automating a bathroom is a trend these days. Any bathroom device or fixture that comes with electronic control is considered as an automated bathroom system. Electrical controllers and adapters are transforming traditional bathroom fixtures into advanced devices designed to make the bathroom more comfortable and luxurious. Bidet toilet feature automatic lid openers, seat warmers, air dryers, deodorisers and many more. Wireless music player that turns on every time the lid opens. Automating a bathroom involves various processes such as heated flooring, LED lighting, exhaust fans, automated window systems, entertainment systems, and digital showers. Installing digital showers will make it possible to personalise your experience when taking a shower. Consider a digital shower that has automated timing, temperature, and pressure controls. The main goal of bath automation is creating a more functional space using a modern automation standard.


Privacy should be a top priority in your room as it provides you private space. Installing automated coverings for room windows will make it possible for natural lighting to enter the space while still allowing for privacy. You don’t have to disturb your sleep for closing the curtains or opening the curtains, you can just do the task right from your bed. Invest in drapes and blinds that can be opened or closed using mobile phone or remote control. So, level up your home with the convenience of controlling the curtains using your fingertips.

Benefits of Automation:

  1. Remote access.

  2. Convenience.

  3. Increased safety.

  4. Energy efficiency.

Utilise your creativity and imagination when considering the automation options that will go with your daily habits and lifestyle. Always consult an interior designer when you go for hi-end specification as your designer can help you in choosing the best brand and guide you the best possible way to use automation in every aspect.

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