After the Rains at Wayanad

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

They say “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better”.

There's a place which redefines the above saying. Wayanad or the “Land of Paddy Fields” is a painter’s muse, a birdwatcher’s paradise, a trekkers delight and a poet’s calm dream. Nestled amidst lush tropical rainforests and the mighty western ghats, Wayanad is beautiful, as beautiful as the name sounds to your ears. Spread over 16 acre of plantation “After the Rains” is an ode to everything Wayanad is known for. The mist in the air, the blue hills, clouds walking up to your feet and the smell of an unknown flower which wakes you up on a dreamy and starry night. Being organic in all ways possible, “After the Rains” is decked up with all the possible luxuries.

It boasts of huge and airy cottages, private lawns, spacious washrooms with bathtubs overlooking the valleys, a reception cum dining area floating above an endless valley and a swimming pool overlooking the distant hills. With an impeccable eye for local art merged with modern touches, the three varieties of cottages are a treat to your senses.  “Kokum” is compact, cosy with balconies overlooking the hills and “Kokum” plantations. “Lilikoi” is a couple’s dream. Placed strategically at the edge of the cliff, these cottages have a 180 degree unobstructed view of the open hills with washrooms looking down to the valley. “Pimienta” are spacious, airy and have huge verandahs overlooking the hills. “Kahwa” the highest category (there's only one) is placed high above the others and have breathtaking views of the hills from its strategically placed lawn.

Traditional Kerala cuisine is served in the common lounge cum dining area with a hanging verandah overlooking the hills. The recipes are local, refreshing and culminate all the flavours of “God’s Own Country”. As evening falls and the forest wakes up, be sure to listen carefully to the sounds around your cottage. Listen to the night birds, feel the scent of night flowers and look up to a sky of stars. As the first rays come up, walk up to the “Pargola”, the sunrise deck and give up your senses to this edge of the known world.

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